Action Force is a heroic team led by Action Man.

1990s seriesEdit

The amnesiac Action Man is found by a team called the Action Force that helps him against Dr X while he tries to remember his past.

Action Force

Jacques, Natalie Poole, R.A.I.D., Knuck Williams and Action Man (Matthew Exler).


2000s seriesEdit

Another Action Force known as Team Xtreme appears in the 2000 version show of Action Man, which is unrelated to the 1995 show.

Action Extreme Team

Fidget, Grinder, Action Man (Alex Mann), Ricky and Brandon Cain.


Direct to video moviesEdit

A new Action Force appears in Action Man: Robot Atak and its sequels Action Man: X Missions and Action Man: Código Gangrena.


Flynt, Action Man and Redwolf.