Brandon Caine
Brandon Caine is a character from the second Action Man TV series.

2000 TV seriesEdit

Brandon Cain was an extreme sports star who was a friend/rival of Alex Mann. The villainous Doctor X upgraded Brandon's body so that he could compete with Alex.

In hopes to find a cure for the upgrade done on Brandon. Alex and Brandon return to Doctor X's lab, but there is only one problem; it is on the bottom of the ocean. There, Doctor X captures them and tries to transfer his mind into Brandon's body. Action Man and Brandon escape while Doctor X seemingly drowns, but later it's found that Doctor X was successful transferring his mind to the body and Brandon is seemingly lost forever.

Some time later, the nanotechnological Trillabugs of Doctor X go on a rampage which puts the entire world in danger. This causes the most unlikely alliance with Doctor X and his Council of Doom and Action Man and his Team Xtreme.They stop them, but the Trillabugs morph into a giant version of Brandon Cain and heads out to attack Washington, D.C., so Alex and Doctor X team up again. It's revealed that after Doctor X took Brandon's body, Brandon's mind went accidentally into one of the Trillabugs and lost control trying to stop Doctor X. After the Trillabugs are stopped, Brandon's mind is transferred to a replacement clone body.