Doctor X kidnaps Secretary Norris, and takes over the Action Force Headquarters. From there, he intends to escalate a minor conflict into a full-scale world war- unless Action Man can infiltrate Action Force Headquarters and foil X's plan!


The episode starts out at Action Force headquarters, as the team is being mobilized and sent with Secretary Norris to 2 small countries that have been fighting for a long time. These two countries have been fighting for a long time, and now are on the brink of signing a peace treaty. Dr. X has been supplying the two forces secretly with weapons and information, so Action Force really wants to get the peace treaty signed.

As they are arriving, Secretary Norris mentions that there has been a cease fire for a week but suddenly, when their plane comes into the airspace of the two countries, they are fired upon!

Action Force is forced to defend themselves, and they evade and return fire, destroying the enemies' weapons, while a confused Norris exclaims if the fighting doesn’t end this could become World War III !

As Action Force Mops up the rest of the fighting, one of the countries leaders calls Dr. X and asks for more help now! He exclaims that Action Force with Secretary Norris is here, and if they don’t get help then Dr. X will be out of business!

Soon Secretary Norris, Natalie Poole , and Knuck are in the meeting with the two countries leaders and their cabinets. Secretary Norris convinces the two sides to sign the Peace treaty.

Outside, Action Man hears from two soldiers that they were ordered to fire upon Action Force, despite them hearing that peace would soon come.

Later, at the Press meeting announcing the successful signing of the Peace treaty, as Secretary Norris is announcing the news and the two leaders are shaking hands, Dr X attacks!

As Action Force fights against the Skullmen, Dr. X and a squad of Skullmen move in under the cover of smoke, and kidnap Secretary Norris. Natalie and Knuck become pinned down, but Action Man comes in and gives them the cover fire they need!

Dr. X then radios Action Force, and tells them that Secretary Norris is now his hostage and that the peace process is finished for good! He then reveals the rest of his plan to the Action Force. His plan is to take over Action Force Headquarters and, with Norris, they can get passed all the security measures.

Action Force, quickly, is on their way to Area 51, where they get on an Air Transport and head back to their secondary Base (Base Paradise). While in flight, Action Man hears an incoming call from their communications operator, the words the operator says “Dr. X is trying to steal…………..” This causes Action Man to have a memory Flashback!

In this flashback, we see Action Man as a little boy, playing, as another boy roughly yanks the toy away from him, laughing evilly. Who is this other boy? Could this be his brother? Action Man is then yanked back to reality as the communications officer notices the silence and repeatedly says “hello, hello” Action Man shakes if off and notifies the operator he’s got the information. Action Force soon lands at Base Paradise.

At the primary Action Force base, Dr. X enters triumphantly with his prisoner, Secretary Norris! He exclaims Now all of Action Forces secret will be his!

Back at Base Paradise, Action Force jumps to their computer consoles, and Action Man has a plan to hack his way into the computers of Action Force's primary base. He slides on his virtual reality uniform and enters the virtual reality chamber. He plans on setting the self destruct countdown on and convincing Dr. X that the base is going to blow up with everyone in it.

Action Man, with the help of Action Force, hacks into the computers and they contact Dr. X, Action Man says goodbye to Dr. X, and that Secretary Norris knew the risk and will be remembered as a hero who sacrifices his life in the battle against terrorism.

Dr. X is convinced Action Man is telling the truth as the countdown clock starts ticking down in the base, and Alarms are going off. Dr. X and his men flee as quickly as they can! But as Soon as Dr. X leaves, the alarms and countdown goes off! Action Force was just bluffing!

Later, when everyone is back together at the main Action force base, Raid comes in as Knuck is saying he misses the dog. Secretary Norris says we have the truce signed and the war is over but we have a situation in the south Pacific that needs immediate attention, Dr. X is back at it !

And with that Action Force is mobilized!!


  • Flashback: In this flashback, we see Action Man as a little boy, playing, as his older brother roughly yanks the toy away from him, laughing evilly. The series bible reveals more about this brother.

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