The Trilobug Hybrid also nicknamed "TrilloBranden" is a human trilobug hybrid that was created when Bradon Cain's consiousness was fused with a trilobug.


The Hybrid is dangerously agressive and very driven in its goal to kill X in revenge for stealing its human body. Due its almost uncontrolable rage its is a danger to both friend and foe. Despite its agression the creature recognises Alex Mann as a friend and spares him on severl ocassions.


  • Swarm Control: Due its higher than average intellect the creaure can command vast swaths of trillobugs.
  • Information absorption: Like all Trilobugs it consumes information.
  • Shapeshifting: By comanding its fellow trilobugs it can create massive constructs like a giant tidelwave or giant humanoid body for itself.
  • Enerby Blasts


When Dr X stole Brandon Caine's body his mind was in the prosess of being stored in Dr X's computer. However with the destruction of X's base Brandon's mind was accidently downloaded into a Trillobug that was crawling on the computer. The resulting fussion created a smarter machine with a will of its own that escaped the destrution of the base.

After several months the creature infultrated X's trillobug swarm and took it over durring an attack on a cargo container; turning the swarm on the counsel of doom. The container was sunk by the combined efforts of Action Man and the Legion bu they discovered the hybrid or "lead" Trillobug had learnt how to swim durring its escvape from X's aqua base and passed this information to the others.

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